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Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 5 Launch Trailer

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  • 게시일 2023. 12. 01.
  • Catch the train, customize your weapon, and claim your revenge in Chapter 5 - Underground: www.fortnite.com/news/join-th...
    Fortnite Battle Royale takes on a striking new appearance in Underground. Discover an entirely new Island with POI's that feature the factions of The Society versus the Underground. Seek your revenge for the kidnapping of poor Peely with an entirely fresh arsenal of weapons and items. And of course with a new season, you’ll find the Big Bang Battle Pass with pages of new cosmetics. Check out the line up of Outfits geared up and ready for action from daybreak until dawn.
    Located in vaults are Mod Benches, which have mods available for many weapons in exchange for Bars. Add mods that reduce recoil, increase mag capacity, and more! Save up your Bars wisely, though, as not every mod works with every weapon.
    The Outfits are Underground underdogs and The Society’s crème de la crooked. With the Big Bang Battle Pass purchase, you’ll auto-unlock troublemaker Hope, the hope of The Underground. Progress in the Battle Pass to unlock more Outfits:
    -Vengeance Jones
    -Peter Griffin
    The Big Bang Battle Pass also has an unlockable Car Body! Get your Sports Car ready-to-strike with Scorpion. The Battle Pass also has unlockable Decals for the Scorpion’s exterior.
    #FortniteUnderground #FortniteChapter5 #FortniteCh5S1
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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    Twitter: / fortnitegame​
    Facebook: / ​
    TikTok: / fortnite
    Learn More: www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en...
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  • @ITalk69
    @ITalk69 일 전 +22095

    I feel bad that this got leaked out ahead of time. I'll watch this after the event. We appreciate everything you do for us.

    • @MrDJ2007
      @MrDJ2007 일 전 +61

      Don’t translate!
      နာရီအနည်းငယ်ကြာတဲ့အခါ သင့်နှလုံးခုန်ရပ်သွားပါလိမ့်မယ်။ ၎င်းကိုတားဆီးရန် တစ်ခုတည်းသောနည်းလမ်းမှာ ကျွန်ုပ်၏ချန်နယ်သို့ စာရင်းသွင်းရန်ဖြစ်သည်။……………… .

    • @Dafuqboommbackupp
      @Dafuqboommbackupp 일 전 +106

      Fortnite chapter 5 will be terrible! 💀
      I make better content…

    • @Andiandru
      @Andiandru 일 전 +299

      Are you aware that the next season is tomorrow, right?
      How is that a leak? That's a promotional trailer.

    • @Thumbtoe23
      @Thumbtoe23 일 전 +251

      @@AndiandruThey posted it early because the battle pass got leaked.

    • @pepjojoi
      @pepjojoi 일 전 +132

      ​@@Andiandruyeah but they posted it earlier because it already got leaked

  • @somewhereinbrisbane6813
    @somewhereinbrisbane6813 21 시간 전 +1479

    This looks absolutely incredible. It takes so much effort and creativity to deliver something new after every 2-3 month, which people take it for granted. Absolutely incredible. Appreciate it Epic.

    • @booty_mcscooty
      @booty_mcscooty 20 시간 전 +58

      i’m so happy to see all the support here. on twitter, everybody is complaining about every last detail, nothing is enough and nobody can appreciate what we have. people like you make this community worthwhile

    • @xenai.
      @xenai. 17 시간 전 +14

      ​@booty_mcscooty yeah. Everytime I see something on Twitter, which is rare, just like you said. I rarely see actual good feedback. Many of them don't even try to give good feedback, just complain and complain.

    • @pvstee
      @pvstee 15 시간 전 +4

      hop off its not that deep 😭😭

    • @booty_mcscooty
      @booty_mcscooty 15 시간 전 +18

      @@pvstee fym its not that deep? do you have any idea how much work and effort - even for a whole team of people - it takes to expand a game by this scale, all while every other department is doing their own growth? im assuming you’re someone young who has never experienced a corporate environment, but it is absolutely worth thanking people and being grateful for what we got. everybody could use a little more gratitude in this crazy world, especially when they’re working on something we all use as escapism from the horrors of reality. only good comes out when we build each other up.

    • @maxims2832
      @maxims2832 15 시간 전 +4

      Yeah bro, the developers take some serious pride in their work. Fortnite is technically a FREE game, and you get all of this new content every few months. That’s how you know the developers care.

  • @DaGreatMase
    @DaGreatMase 16 시간 전 +723

    Canonically, I think Jones having a beard makes sense because when working with the Imagined Order, he had immortality, but he abandoned the Io, which probably made him start to age again after the fall of the Io if that makes sense

    • @mikorex4848
      @mikorex4848 15 시간 전 +12


    • @Bud91xx
      @Bud91xx 15 시간 전 +96

      weird way of saying he left his manscaped 4.0 on the og map

    • @kushcowify
      @kushcowify 15 시간 전 +23

      Love how nonsensical that statement was but probably makes perfect sense

    • @orangemonks894
      @orangemonks894 15 시간 전 +12

      Brother. We’ve seen a jones with a huge beard. This probably isn’t even actually the jones just a snapshot

    • @mythictree3434
      @mythictree3434 14 시간 전 +18

      @@orangemonks894No. This is not the same Jones. Like Sline said. “I guess this is the end for this me and that you.” This is a different Jones. This is the new Jones that we will have for the new storyline.

  • @LlamaDrama142
    @LlamaDrama142 16 시간 전 +342

    I’m pretty amazed at Fortnite’s ability to stay relevant and on top of the gaming world through the years like this. Very few games achieve longevity like this. Whatever the creators are doing, it’s working. I hope Fortnite stays around for a long time, it’s so much fun to play.

    • @grittytheg5077
      @grittytheg5077 11 시간 전 +11

      it's because they actually put in hard work as a triple A studio should and they always have been honestly

    • @youngsterj2646
      @youngsterj2646 8 시간 전

      Once they became relevant when they launched they knew they had to stay relevant what better way than a awesome story line and a bunch of content yearly n bunch of content wouldn’t be available if no one ever discovered this game back then why cause I’m sure they constantly have to get agreements from companies for collaborations , and also licensing reasons like pretty sure all these collabs that come out not only make them revenue but yk they have to invest in these which sure isn’t cheap either if they got collabs constantly so yeah sure it hasn’t been easy cause more than sure all these collabs they have added cost hefty amounts of $ to get permission to even you know have rights to have Naruto sets and dragon ball marvel etc…

    • @deecollinssuperitandficays863
      @deecollinssuperitandficays863 6 시간 전 +1


    • @RealPeaches151
      @RealPeaches151 3 시간 전

      Gta v

    • @logbuzz
      @logbuzz 2 시간 전 +3

      They have the power of using 12 year olds

  • @dive.cats-
    @dive.cats- 18 시간 전 +162

    i love how solid snake fits the vibe of the new season and then peter freaking griffin is just there

    • @petergriffin911
      @petergriffin911 12 시간 전 +21

      Freaking sweet

    • @Karnam0
      @Karnam0 8 시간 전 +2

      and he’s JACKED

    • @jaimieleeyard8076
      @jaimieleeyard8076 2 시간 전 +1

      I hate how there's not a big boss or raiden outfit like My brother in Christ, Titanfall would be a better choice

    • @DonaldWWitt
      @DonaldWWitt 2 시간 전 +1

      @@petergriffin911 HAVE YOU HEARD THE WORD?!

  • @blast4700
    @blast4700 일 전 +1860

    let's hope the season is as good as the trailer

    • @fadedrogue256
      @fadedrogue256 일 전 +12


    • @timothyb6729
      @timothyb6729 일 전 +3

      yeah man

    • @MrDJ2007
      @MrDJ2007 일 전 +2

      Don’t translate!
      နာရီအနည်းငယ်ကြာတဲ့အခါ သင့်နှလုံးခုန်ရပ်သွားပါလိမ့်မယ်။ ၎င်းကိုတားဆီးရန် တစ်ခုတည်းသောနည်းလမ်းမှာ ကျွန်ုပ်၏ချန်နယ်သို့ စာရင်းသွင်းရန်ဖြစ်သည်။…………………

    • @Flfllipro5
      @Flfllipro5 일 전 +5

      when will the update come in fortnite

    • @MTBovskyyy
      @MTBovskyyy 일 전 +3

      @@Flfllipro5 tommorow

  • @Angwiser-zk7vk
    @Angwiser-zk7vk 22 시간 전 +353

    0:31 Love how the trailer has the Chapter 3 Leitmotif, because this IS the chapter 3 map, The end happened differently and the Io could'nt flip the map thus skipping Chapter 2 entirely.
    Flip the map 45 degrees, it's the c3 map, the seven didn't revamp the isle. But the Io won't get Prep-Time, Midas won't NEED his device. Everyone knows about the loop and had the chance to Leave.
    And if you remember right, Peely was singlehandedly the reason the omniverse didn't end. Him being Kidnapped
    My theory is Kado Didn't die. Him and "The Vengance"-Jones are the only people from the future that ("Fully") Survived Og, He's how the Io became so Fancy. It's Either him or The Templar order who are at Fault. Considering that Tiger is also in Captain Lazerhawk Blood dragon remix, but the Jist of it is the Io merged with either of the orgs (Vampires or Templars) and now KNOWS Peely's involvement in the War

    • @FruJeidi
      @FruJeidi 21 시간 전 +66

      Bro threw 3 points from half court and expected to score

    • @CR33DPlays
      @CR33DPlays 21 시간 전 +29

      and peter griffin will some how play a role in this… okay i’m interested how this is gonna play out

    • @boobyegg2135
      @boobyegg2135 21 시간 전 +20

      The lore is entirely reset. Everything that happened before is 100% irrelevant

    • @yaukt6942
      @yaukt6942 20 시간 전 +2


    • @peanutbutterchild
      @peanutbutterchild 20 시간 전 +17

      Bro wrote an entire essay🤯

  • @liamn.7664
    @liamn.7664 22 시간 전 +589

    I really wasn’t sure how Epic could deliver any better after Fornite OG but Chapter 5 looks absolutely incredible already

    • @Subbing2EveryoneWhoSubs2Me
      @Subbing2EveryoneWhoSubs2Me 18 시간 전 +1

      Do not translate!
      နာရီအနည်းငယ်ကြာတဲ့အခါ သင့်နှလုံးခုန်ရပ်သွားပါလိမ့်မယ်။ ၎င်းကိုတားဆီးရန် တစ်ခုတည်းသောနည်းလမ်းမှာ ကျွန်ုပ်၏ချန်နယ်သို့ စာရင်းသွင်းရန်ဖြစ်သည်။..

    • @justinholland6132
      @justinholland6132 16 시간 전 +9

      Looks so much better than nostalgia wit season og. By far the worst season. Besides all the chapter 1 ones

    • @motafu1
      @motafu1 14 시간 전 +8

      everything after chapter 2 was better than og fortnite (Maybe not season 1 from c2, s3 from c2 and c3) but everything else was better so far, atleast for me, there just isn't much about chapter 1

    • @hishamrashid5293
      @hishamrashid5293 14 시간 전

      Thats what people say every season.😂

  • @ShenDoodles
    @ShenDoodles 14 시간 전 +14

    Bloody hell, it’s fixed all the issues of Chapter 4 by the looks of it! The island has more residential space, feels more alive, and the gameplay’s all about fast, frantic movement!

  • @CallmeSlimeWolf
    @CallmeSlimeWolf 22 시간 전 +126

    Can’t believe that we’re getting Solid Snake and Peter Griffin in this battle pass, really excited for the new season and what winter fest has to bring to the table! (I’m definitely rocking Solid Snake this season)
    Edit: Because of this comment I have made a war in the replies.

    • @sunbol1279
      @sunbol1279 22 시간 전 +5


    • @nccp4p
      @nccp4p 22 시간 전 +11

      I hope we’ll get more metal gear collabs in the future, maybe raiden or vamp could be here

    • @Grooverguy26274
      @Grooverguy26274 21 시간 전 +2

      Now we Need a Metroid One

    • @patcho7518
      @patcho7518 20 시간 전 +12

      @@Grooverguy26274what do you mean? Snake isn’t from Nintendo.

    • @devilsaur
      @devilsaur 19 시간 전 +18

      @@patcho7518Cause lil bro thinks snake is from smash bros, honestly smartest smurf cat pfp ive seen.

  • @I-Need-You-Tonight
    @I-Need-You-Tonight 13 시간 전 +67

    *_Walking while drinking a shield potion is going to be GAME CHANGING. And I love the idea of the train for getting around the map fast. The beginning of a new chapter is always scary cause all the new items and POIs but this is exciting_*

  • @Jmister
    @Jmister 일 전 +15600

    Y’all never fail at letting the season get leaked early 😭

    • @MrDJ2007
      @MrDJ2007 일 전 +86

      Don’t translate!
      နာရီအနည်းငယ်ကြာတဲ့အခါ သင့်နှလုံးခုန်ရပ်သွားပါလိမ့်မယ်။ ၎င်းကိုတားဆီးရန် တစ်ခုတည်းသောနည်းလမ်းမှာ ကျွန်ုပ်၏ချန်နယ်သို့ စာရင်းသွင်းရန်ဖြစ်သည်။…………………

    • @nicolas._.2294
      @nicolas._.2294 일 전 +47


    • @Kranich-bl2gl
      @Kranich-bl2gl 일 전 +93

      It was like five minuets

    • @MrjoeOnYT
      @MrjoeOnYT 일 전 +367

      I think since people kept leaking it they released the full trailer💀

    • @rpdrthundercloud
      @rpdrthundercloud 일 전 +13



    New chapter is looking sick! Can't wait to see what Fortnite has in store for us in this new chapter!

  • @Hemmurn568
    @Hemmurn568 18 시간 전 +181

    The fact you can customise weapons now is absolutely insane. Would pair perfectly with A FIRST PERSON MODE EPIC

    • @Learke
      @Learke 14 시간 전 +5

      I've heard reliable people say that first person is in the files now, but they don't know how it's going to be implemented

    • @Xencam
      @Xencam 14 시간 전 +22

      What's the point of buying skins if you're in first person mode all the time?

    • @tdoran616
      @tdoran616 13 시간 전


    • @namedless
      @namedless 12 시간 전 +2

      ​@@Xencami would say its kinda weird but like
      Cod mobile(people spend over 500 dollers to get a skin)

    • @tuna3461
      @tuna3461 12 시간 전

      You saw the part where the game uses ADS now right? Lol

  • @Yungwatergaming_yt
    @Yungwatergaming_yt 21 시간 전 +120

    This looks like a lot of fun can’t wait for chapter 5

    • @Subbing2EveryoneWhoSubs2Me
      @Subbing2EveryoneWhoSubs2Me 18 시간 전 +1

      Do not translate!
      နာရီအနည်းငယ်ကြာတဲ့အခါ သင့်နှလုံးခုန်ရပ်သွားပါလိမ့်မယ်။ ၎င်းကိုတားဆီးရန် တစ်ခုတည်းသောနည်းလမ်းမှာ ကျွန်ုပ်၏ချန်နယ်သို့ စာရင်းသွင်းရန်ဖြစ်သည်။..

    • @FozzyDexade
      @FozzyDexade 16 시간 전

      When does it come out

    • @MrNachh
      @MrNachh 15 시간 전

      ​@@FozzyDexadetomorrow,i dont knoe your time zone but here in argentina it starts at 10 am

    • @petergriffin911
      @petergriffin911 12 시간 전

      It's going to be freakin sweet

  • @Godzilla2004.
    @Godzilla2004. 15 시간 전 +2

    The event was incredible and this trailer has me so hyped genuinely

  • @captainswagger2838
    @captainswagger2838 14 시간 전 +7

    Lots of cool stuff! Og was fun for the month but I’m excited to get back into modern styled Fortnite

  • @Jxllen.
    @Jxllen. 일 전 +1530

    They've truly outdone themselves in every way, happy to see this and can't wait for the future of this game

    • @StarkMaya-
      @StarkMaya- 일 전 +6


    • @Alyxvr-hp8uq
      @Alyxvr-hp8uq 일 전 +1

      Fortnite why let me back in fortnite

    • @crator8621
      @crator8621 일 전 +6

      I can't wait
      Annoyingly I got kicked from the event at literally the Very start and missed it but this looks sick, well done guys

    • @roger-love-you
      @roger-love-you 일 전 +2

      ​Fuck fortnite, I was waiting for an hour to participate and In the end I couldn't even experience the live event. Great job 😗

  • @Cryptt-Playz
    @Cryptt-Playz 21 시간 전 +9

    Fortnite have done it once again, you guys are AMAZING! ive watched the live event and was even more stoked to see what the future holds

  • @AmericanPatriot45
    @AmericanPatriot45 22 시간 전 +9

    honestly, this season and battle pass looks pretty fire. I might come back to the game

  • @rosesbutler8786
    @rosesbutler8786 14 시간 전 +1

    Grapple blade looks sick. Also. I knew they would add wall climbing. Glad they brought hurdling back

  • @ethanleung4091
    @ethanleung4091 20 시간 전 +6

    Am I the only one who saw a Leonardo spray next to Snake? Also, Jones’ black+white+red style definitely resembles the original TMNT style. Can’t wait to see the TMNT!

  • @Imraz__Khan
    @Imraz__Khan 14 시간 전 +16

    Man the game just keeps getting better and better, can't wait to play! Snake looks hella lit too. 🔥❤

  • @breakfastburritos
    @breakfastburritos 23 시간 전 +59

    This game is honestly amazing. Just keeps getting better and better it’s seriously unreal

  • @ChillyBamley
    @ChillyBamley 20 시간 전 +7

    Keep making good seasons I’m almost done

  • @burundanga91
    @burundanga91 16 시간 전 +4

    It's going to be a lot of fun next season, I'm sure at some point they'll also add proximity chat, that would totally change the way the game feels, plus it would give us a lot of memes.

  • @santiago8602
    @santiago8602 23 시간 전 +82

    Fortnite really put a lot of effort into this chapter, This looks absolutely amazing can’t wait to play it 🙏🏽🔥

  • @mrpikklefayne5071
    @mrpikklefayne5071 8 시간 전 +2

    This looks sick as hell. Please dont make this another lame 4 season chapter. We love this.

  • @Aid
    @Aid 일 전 +3056

    After one of the biggests seasons ever, can't wait to see how Chapter 5 Season 1 goes, this chapter is gonna be one to remember!!😁

    • @treeko10k
      @treeko10k 일 전 +125

      Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross. Repent and believe in him or you will be separated from God The Father for all eternity and face hell forever, for all eternity, never ending.

    • @tsts8631
      @tsts8631 일 전 +4


    • @ssamurai5
      @ssamurai5 일 전 +4

      For sure

    • @Lazermonke
      @Lazermonke 일 전 +6


    • @benjaminfranklin4914
      @benjaminfranklin4914 일 전 +45

      It's gonna be awful there's so much bullshit why couldn't they just listen and accept maybe gameplay is more important than story because we all rather it simple

  • @Browner-fw7je
    @Browner-fw7je 22 시간 전 +7

    Never played a game in my life but this trailer has got me invested in the game this looks brilliant I might have to download and try it out

    • @CoUrTnEy_27
      @CoUrTnEy_27 22 시간 전 +5

      You really need to. It's so fun.

    • @Browner-fw7je
      @Browner-fw7je 22 시간 전 +2

      Is there character customisation or is skins only?

    • @wilhelmscream6834
      @wilhelmscream6834 21 시간 전 +3

      @@Browner-fw7je It's skins only, but some skins have a lot of customization to them. Also, the game is just damn fun once you get to playing it. There's so much to do in it.

    • @Browner-fw7je
      @Browner-fw7je 21 시간 전 +3

      I’m downloading as we speak 😂😂

    • @randomperson34548
      @randomperson34548 16 시간 전

      you'll play it for a few hours and then quit because of the sweats lmao

  • @BennyTweeks
    @BennyTweeks 14 시간 전 +4

    This season looks absolutely amazing keep it up an I won’t stop playing ❤

  • @uncleshithole9127
    @uncleshithole9127 19 시간 전 +8

    Gotta admire the community support for this game. I’m not really super into Fortnite myself but will definitely check this out

  • @jinkazamaha
    @jinkazamaha 21 시간 전 +3

    I must've watched this like 8 times already lol. So hyped to play Chapter 5 tomorrow! Can't believe I'm more excited for fricking Fortnite over other games LOL. And the Leonardo graffiti in the background with the shot of Snake, hoooly

  • @Potato-dc7gf
    @Potato-dc7gf 12 시간 전 +1

    I’m excited, I think this is a Fortnite season that is finally trying to not rely too heavily on the storyline and it’s not trying to be too much like other seasons.

  • @Azerrz
    @Azerrz 일 전 +539

    Damn, they put my best friend in Fortnite ❤

  • @RanOutIdeas
    @RanOutIdeas 23 시간 전 +13

    Bro i like these collabs this brings ready player one vibes i dig it good job to epic games and all of the dev team you guys are doing good :D

  • @notme-empty
    @notme-empty 16 시간 전 +1

    Ok, for once im actually really excited for this new season.

  • @Jonathan_lane
    @Jonathan_lane 13 시간 전

    The graphics look photo realistic and I’m excited for this season man!

  • @user-go3tj7ku1t
    @user-go3tj7ku1t 22 시간 전 +1

    I cannot wait for the grapple blade movement mechanics and the new skins

  • @cashley92__
    @cashley92__ 12 시간 전 +6

    Can’t wait to play new season🥰🙌🏼

  • @manchutten8763
    @manchutten8763 일 전 +2302

    I don't care what anybody says. This chapter looks amazing! I love how epic continues to evolve their game outside of what people think they're capable of. Ill definitely be checking out the new chapter

    • @rutiq3405
      @rutiq3405 일 전 +30

      Yeah But the event … the biggest event they said .. 10 mins an you can play games in the old map bruh

    • @frenziedjzx6943
      @frenziedjzx6943 일 전


    • @flamebreaker7318
      @flamebreaker7318 일 전 +4

      ​@rutiq3405 I don't give a damn about it being 1p minutes I give a damn that there was a queue to play and lots of people missed the event

    • @ssnoom5572
      @ssnoom5572 일 전 +7

      @@rutiq3405why are you complaining 💀

  • @MysticMoonie
    @MysticMoonie 16 시간 전

    This literally looks AMAZING!! I’m so excited ❤

  • @maxbrogan1814
    @maxbrogan1814 22 시간 전 +9

    Honestly, while the OG season felt stale after a while, if that gave epic another 4 weeks to make something of this quality, then totally worth it

    @DUCK-WITH-COFFEE 9 시간 전 +1

    Looks insane cant wait to play it

  • @213ef
    @213ef 22 시간 전 +1

    this looks so complicated yet so amazing

  • @robertvanderlinden2813
    @robertvanderlinden2813 13 시간 전 +1

    this looks like the most fun chapter since chapter 1 & 2

  • @cuwuliler
    @cuwuliler 일 전 +604

    this season looks genuinely so fun im just scared of the riot shields being annoying

    • @zvmpt
      @zvmpt 일 전 +16

      probably be some kind of grenade counter or weak point

    • @animegamerandmore5169
      @animegamerandmore5169 일 전 +27

      Yeah it's gonna be just annoying like how it is in COD

    • @Adroxzus
      @Adroxzus 일 전 +7

      Frfr Finna be cod 😂

    • @strwrbttlfrnt
      @strwrbttlfrnt 일 전 +15

      Im guessing their will be a small gap for headshots like in save the world. And it will probably get annoying

    • @neutronbomb4380
      @neutronbomb4380 일 전 +1

      COD players will know lol

  • @OscarGhostCat
    @OscarGhostCat 22 시간 전 +11

    This looks amazing! Can't wait to play!

  • @cameronaviles9158
    @cameronaviles9158 13 시간 전 +1

    This looks really fun. Who knows when Chapter 5 is available to play?

  • @kilmar_c
    @kilmar_c 14 시간 전 +1

    So Hype!!! Can't Wait for Chapter 5

  • @RealGTZ
    @RealGTZ 23 시간 전 +13

    So excited for this season especially with peter Griffin

  • @Onlinegames187
    @Onlinegames187 9 시간 전

    So good I love this season and the live event!

  • @SypherPK
    @SypherPK 일 전 +3356

    This looks insane. 🤯

  • @Realfireguy
    @Realfireguy 9 시간 전 +1

    This looks AWESOME so excited to play it.

  • @swoopertydooperty
    @swoopertydooperty 23 시간 전 +2

    Why isn't anyone talking about the Turtles!?!?!? This is something I've been waiting for, I even made DIY turtles with other skins. I really hope that they come out good. Everything shown looks doep

  • @user-ge8nm3vs9p
    @user-ge8nm3vs9p 5 시간 전 +3

    everything is so good their is a lot of new things but the only problem is walking or the movement is very bad for me

  • @jurassic190
    @jurassic190 10 시간 전 +1

    I wonder if the zero point is under the map again in this new story or if its gone for good

  • @greatworldoftrains8147
    @greatworldoftrains8147 14 시간 전

    The trailer looks fantastic. I am hyped to play the new Fortnite chapter. It’s going to be great.

  • @tornadogalaxy1
    @tornadogalaxy1 일 전 +933

    I’m hyped mainly for snake and Peter griffin

    • @heribertovizcaino4682
      @heribertovizcaino4682 23 시간 전 +21

      The fortnite skins are alright the collabs is what made it for me

    • @DaGalaxyBoy
      @DaGalaxyBoy 21 시간 전 +38

      Solid Snake is the only reason why I'm coming back. Maybe also Master Chief's and Isaac Clarke's skins

    • @aluplaya6544
      @aluplaya6544 21 시간 전 +4

      And Lego, also what snake?

    • @256crates
      @256crates 20 시간 전 +30

      @@aluplaya6544you’ve never played metal gear have you

    • @aluplaya6544
      @aluplaya6544 20 시간 전 +2

      @@256crates nope

  • @flynnmaxwell4089
    @flynnmaxwell4089 20 시간 전 +4

    I want this chapter to fell like a massive shift in the game like how going from ch1 to ch2 felt soooooooo different

  • @littleredguardian2884
    @littleredguardian2884 15 시간 전 +1

    I was hoping for wall running like in Titanfall but I DID NOT EXPECT THAT!

  • @Lehan_FC23
    @Lehan_FC23 9 시간 전 +1

    The season looks insane

  • @Kburnzzzzzzz
    @Kburnzzzzzzz 22 시간 전 +3

    looks so freaking beautiful

  • @Noman0821
    @Noman0821 16 시간 전 +1

    I’ve been playing this game since seeing 2 and Its incredible to think of what this game has achieved, making collaborations whit Lamborghini is out of this world.

  • @alexandervalev2026
    @alexandervalev2026 일 전 +812

    HEAVY CHAPTER 3 VIBES but this one feels a lot more realistic in terms of design. I absolutely love it

    • @ayaanchowdhury4083
      @ayaanchowdhury4083 일 전 +29

      ninja turtle painting at 1:16 new secret skin????

    • @choloeseguay
      @choloeseguay 일 전 +1

      It does feel more realistic

    • @familybuisness
      @familybuisness 일 전 +13

      ​@@ayaanchowdhury4083good eye maybe if they want the secret skin to be secret

    • @Majkl.
      @Majkl. 일 전


    • @chriz1997
      @chriz1997 일 전 +2

      Chapter 3 season 1 and 2 vibes. Reality tree is in season 3 and 4

  • @ingawebb7341
    @ingawebb7341 20 시간 전 +1

    I’m getting hyped for the next chapter with Peter griffin and snake making a appearance in the battle pass next chapter.

  • @MrNoFace89
    @MrNoFace89 14 시간 전

    This looks so dope! Y’all did a good job!

  • @wonder-pdl
    @wonder-pdl 22 시간 전 +4

    This looks absolutely unreal, tomorrow is gonna be a great day 🔥🔥

  • @db7r7
    @db7r7 16 시간 전

    Not gonna lie, this looks freaking nice!

  • @_juliusda
    @_juliusda 15 시간 전

    This actually looks promising! And they got Peter in the battle pass!!

  • @justsomefacts2118
    @justsomefacts2118 일 전 +995

    Really feeling the crazy improvement compared to Chapter 4
    Nvm: UI and Movement is ass

    • @AxsorXI
      @AxsorXI 일 전 +18

      Talk about "Tactical Espionage Action"!

    • @MohamedAli-vx1ko
      @MohamedAli-vx1ko 일 전 +46

      Chapter 4 was kinda goated tho

    • @Durpy_Plays
      @Durpy_Plays 일 전


    • @jaexdin4283
      @jaexdin4283 일 전 +5

      @@Durpy_Playsyup it is an improvement you can quiet if you want but you’ll be missing out in ALOT this is gonna be dope

    • @scorp5469
      @scorp5469 일 전

      Chapter 4 was good, but way better than chapter 3

  • @IsaacCanongo
    @IsaacCanongo 18 시간 전 +3

    I already love this new chapter and season ❤️‍🔥

  • @vydex
    @vydex 23 시간 전 +3

    This season looks absolutely amazing! Train, weapon mods and all! Omg you always keep improving‼️ and theres still so much more to add and potential, first person, underwater mechanics and all

    • @Can-ew4xr
      @Can-ew4xr 22 시간 전 +2

      The OG season literally proved that they don't keep improving

    • @vydex
      @vydex 22 시간 전

      @@Can-ew4xr how? People came back for nostaliga and the OG seasons were sure good but you gotta realize the game has to change too. And the movement and all are improvements

  • @FoxerBoxerVr-vb9vl
    @FoxerBoxerVr-vb9vl 4 시간 전 +2


  • @TheJeevo92
    @TheJeevo92 9 시간 전

    It looks great. Y'all got me to come back and play after the UE5 upgrade, and it's only getting better.

  • @ShuffleGamer
    @ShuffleGamer 일 전 +3174

    *can't wait to griddy as Peter Griffin* 💀

    • @ItzTee43
      @ItzTee43 일 전 +41

      💀 same

    • @rafaenterpriserafa5813
      @rafaenterpriserafa5813 일 전 +244

      "Hey Lois, I'm cracking 90s"

    • @MrDJ2007
      @MrDJ2007 일 전 +7

      Don’t translate!
      နာရီအနည်းငယ်ကြာတဲ့အခါ သင့်နှလုံးခုန်ရပ်သွားပါလိမ့်မယ်။ ၎င်းကိုတားဆီးရန် တစ်ခုတည်းသောနည်းလမ်းမှာ ကျွန်ုပ်၏ချန်နယ်သို့ စာရင်းသွင်းရန်ဖြစ်သည်။………………… .

    • @FredNeedsAMed
      @FredNeedsAMed 일 전 +58

      * Meg, I’m cracked at fortnite right now*

    • @Ayhamrsh
      @Ayhamrsh 일 전 +3


    @RLDEMIGOD 19 시간 전 +2

    When the trailers get leaked ahead of time you know its gonna be a good season

  • @TheGuy35896
    @TheGuy35896 21 시간 전

    This map looks incredible

  • @bennicholasdruce6599
    @bennicholasdruce6599 9 시간 전 +1

    Let’s go I can’t wait it’s going to be so fun 🎉

    @PLUMBIS_XXL 21 시간 전 +1

    This actually looks amazing

  • @x2Finn
    @x2Finn 10 시간 전 +3

    Hype for the new season 🤙

  • @CouRageJD
    @CouRageJD 일 전 +1929

    This Chapter looks INSANE!!!!!!

  • @hxdeschristmas
    @hxdeschristmas 12 시간 전

    Looks Amazing Epic, I have had to watch this lots lmao it’s rlly good I thought it would go downhill but now no this will be an incredible season, Thanks Epic

  • @rex-ie9gf
    @rex-ie9gf 18 시간 전

    this looks amazing actually i came wait to jump in i haven’t been excited for a fortnite season in so long!

  • @shaziyarazack1453
    @shaziyarazack1453 7 시간 전 +1

    Fortnite just keep changing everything and it gets better every time !

    @DNYLNY 19 시간 전

    I never played FN but that shield pistol guy looks really fun. Can’t wait!

  • @VisitHarpaAI
    @VisitHarpaAI 3 시간 전

    🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:
    00:17 🍌 *Introduction to Playful Tone*
    - Introduction to the video with a playful and catchy tone,
    - Teasing the theme of bananas and setting a light-hearted atmosphere.
    01:45 🚂 *Unveiling Chapter 5 Features*
    - Overview of Chapter 5 features in Fortnite Battle Royale,
    - Emphasis on catching the train, weapon customization, and the theme of revenge,
    04:20 🔍 *Exploring Game Dynamics*
    - Delving into the dynamics of the game,
    - Highlighting the significance of customization in shaping gameplay,
    - Brief mention of the narrative aspect with the theme of revenge.
    06:58 🌎 *Community Engagement and Call to Action*
    - Encouraging players to join the fight and be part of the Fortnite community,
    - Call to action to engage with the game in Chapter 5,
    09:15 🎮 *Conclusion and Invitation*
    - Wrapping up the trailer with a brief summary,
    - Inviting players to experience the new features and storyline in Chapter 5.
    Made with HARPA AI

  • @Red_Asura
    @Red_Asura 일 전 +3849

    Fortnite’s getting closer and closer to becoming like ready player one with all the mechanics and collabs, and I love it.

    • @ancientslav4863
      @ancientslav4863 일 전 +166

      Just finished the live event. Massive L. 10 min ad, basically. Eminem concert? More like eminem giberish nothing. Racing mode looks like a fan made map. Lego could have potential, but basically nothing groundbreaking. Chapter 5, based on this trailer, looks EPIC, tho.

    • @voidplays2105
      @voidplays2105 일 전 +148

      @@ancientslav4863 Live event was fire

    • @karigloom
      @karigloom 일 전 +83

      ​​@@ancientslav4863what are you talking about the event was cool af

    • @PSCuber
      @PSCuber 일 전 +16


    • @slappyjo1046
      @slappyjo1046 일 전 +16

      @@voidplays2105nah it sucked

  • @benhavasy4538
    @benhavasy4538 22 시간 전

    this looks absolutely amazing

  • @5TXKA
    @5TXKA 17 시간 전

    Nothing better then a new chapter

  • @TimDaco
    @TimDaco 11 시간 전 +2

    OMG THIS LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOOO FREAKING HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @DarkSpider.616
    @DarkSpider.616 17 시간 전

    We’re all going to be nostalgic for this in a year or so.

  • @xavierp8587
    @xavierp8587 13 시간 전 +1

    The fact we can drink shields while walking now is the best thing to me everything else is awesome

  • @uribashan6995
    @uribashan6995 일 전 +342

    I really love the efforts by Epic to keep Fortnite constantly fresh!

  • @imiss2016
    @imiss2016 19 시간 전

    This season looks promising

  • @soloking_29
    @soloking_29 23 시간 전 +1

    This season looks fire I'm excited for the weapon mods and wall climbing🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴

  • @1Mrraccoon
    @1Mrraccoon 14 시간 전

    Best season in a long time❤

  • @Nitrogenlegend
    @Nitrogenlegend 23 시간 전 +5

    Okay, i honestly was worried of the fact that C5 would be bad, but damn this looks sick

  • @JuniorArroyoOfficial
    @JuniorArroyoOfficial 15 시간 전 +1

    Pls make a behind the scenes for these trailers!!!! 😊 ❤️

  • @HawkWall66
    @HawkWall66 일 전 +159

    They really went all out on the CH5 launch. Damn, the amount of content in this trailer is overwhelming! And the transitions from Cinematic to Gameplay was unexpected but welcome! Can't wait to play tomorrow!

    • @KyoshinRed
      @KyoshinRed 일 전

      Tomorrow? Doesnt it drop today?

    • @syntevv
      @syntevv 일 전 +1

      @@KyoshinRedafter the event it will only be creative gamemodes avaliable for like a day, like in chapter 1 where you couldnt play the game a few days after the black hole

    • @HawkWall66
      @HawkWall66 일 전

      ​@@KyoshinRedIn my time zone, at least, the event takes place 9 PM and downtime probably lasts for 12 hours like last year. Could take longer though. Either way, this weekend gonna be fire!

    • @KyoshinRed
      @KyoshinRed 일 전 +1

      @@syntevv bruh what its the weekend why would they do that 😂🤦‍♂️

    • @sonicgalaxy27
      @sonicgalaxy27 일 전

      Snake: Kept you waiting huh? 1:14